Fisher German Rural Newsletter May 2015

Welcome to our Post-Election Rural Newsletter

With the Election now behind us and Cameron in Downing Street looking ahead with a new Government to a further five year term, our Consultant Harry Cottrell gives us his view on the events of last week and how the Conservatives may look to deliver their Manifesto promises.  Few predicted a Majority win, but with the majority now in place the Conservatives will get straight down to business.  Crucially this means a European Referendum, the result of which will be of great significance to UK agriculture.  

Following the Election, there has been an immediate strengthening of the Pound and the UK Gilt market, reflecting global confidence in the UK economy, with this backdrop and with interest rates still at an historically low level, Struan McDougall will be talking about whether this is a good time to consider your financial arrangements.

We hope that you find this publication of interest. If you need further information, or would like to know more about our rural services, please contact one of our rural team.

The Election - what the results mean for you

Time to update your finances?

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